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Privacy Policy

(Effective From: 1st November 2021; Updated on 29th May, 2024)

Dear User, we (“RadiumBlock” or “Service Provider” or “We” or “Us”) intend to provide seamless experience to our Users (“you” or “your”) while visiting our website www.radiumblock.com (“Website”). We understand the importance of data privacy and value the trust that you hold in us by sharing your personal information for availing Services through our Website. This Policy details the reasons for collecting/storing all personal information through the contact form and the data security standards for the collected data.

This Privacy Policy for the Website is updated periodically, shall be subject to any changes in future and will become effective as soon as the same is posted on the Website.

Personal Data as described by Article 4 (1) of GDPR is any information which is related to an identified or identifiable natural person such as the telephone, credit card or personnel number of a person, account data, number plate, appearance, customer number or address.

The Privacy Policy is as follows:

  1. General Information
    1. The purpose of sharing the Privacy Policy with you is to keep you updated and informed about why we need any information from you, what information is being collected from you and how is the information is used for providing the Services as indicated on the Website. The information provided under this policy shall be treated on an “as is” basis.
    2. This Privacy Policy will be governed by the data protection regulations and laws throughout the world. However, in order to avoid any conflict of interest and for the protection of individuals regarding the processing of personal data and for the free movement of such data, the primary law governing this Privacy policy shall be that of the State of Texas.
  2. Collection and Processing of Data
    1. Any Personal Data collected by us is used for providing you with our Services and any other additional features mentioned on the Website. However, we make sure to process only the necessary personal data and information ensuring that all necessary data security standards are met.
    2. Your Personal Data and information are collected via two modes:
      1. Cookies: They are small text files which are stored on your device post seeking consent from you. They help in remembering any information which may be necessary for us to provide you a seamless experience during any future visits.
      2. Contact Form: While registering yourself with us, we will request you to fill the contact form within the “Contact Us” tab of the Website and provide certain details in order for us to provide Services and act as the Validator (as defined in the Terms of the Website) of your tokens.
    3. For providing the Services, we may require you to share the following data with us:
      1. Name: While you chose to contact us to enquire further on our Services, we seek your name.
      2. Email address: In order to update our mailing list for existing Users of the Website and for providing you with any information on our Services, we seek your email address.
    4. The purpose of collecting the information from you is not only limited to providing Services to you, but to fulfill our legal obligations as well. As a part of the regulatory compliance for Anti Money Laundering (AML) /Know Your Client (KYC) regulations, we need your personal information to assess any fraud, money laundering or terrorism related risks. However, if we do not collect the data from you or you refuse to share the necessary information with us, we may not be in a position to provide you with the desired Services. Additionally, for regulatory purposes, we may need to monitor any transaction or history of transactions to assess any fraud, money laundering or terrorism related risks.
    5. In case of any information provided to us proves to be falsified, we may be forced to immediately terminate our relationship as the Service Provider.
    6. The collected data shall remain strictly confidential, and we shall abide by all necessary security standards for safeguarding the Personal Data shared with us.
    7. The information as obtained by us in subclause 2.3 above, is necessary:
      1. For addressing any queries sent by you via the contact form to us.
      2. For providing any newsletter or subscription services such as announcements (for any new features, changes to existing features, issues), sending monthly updates, token rates, offers, and marketing information to you on an ongoing basis. However, the subscription services are voluntary and can be unsubscribed at any time by you.
  3. Retention of Data
    1. We collect and process your Personal Data for the purpose of providing the Services to you.
    2. We ensure that the Personal Data collected and processed by us is only stored for as long as it is necessary to provide the Services to you. However, we may retain your Personal Data beyond the necessity as indicated above in case any regulation or specific law demands us to store the data for longer than necessitated.
    3. We store your Personal Data and information only after seeking your consent, and in case even if your consent is withdrawn, we may need to retain your data for processing it later for regulatory purposes.
    4. Since the Services provided by us are subject to AML/KYC regulations, the minimum period for retention of the collected data shall be 5 years from the date of termination of our relationship as Service Provider and the User. We may retain the following:
      1. Any copies of document indicating your identity or verification of the same.
      2. Any copies of document based on which we may assess fraud related risks for transactions conducted by you.
      3. Any copies of document or records indicating the transactions carried out by you.
    5. The minimum retention period for any Personal Data retained by us may be subject to change in future owing to any changes in specific regulations governing the retention of data.
    6. Post the expiry of the retention period, your Personal Data and information may be deleted from our system or the same may be subject to any anonymity feature which prevents the Personal Data from being identified or associated with you.
  4. Third Party Integration
    1. For the purpose of processing of the Personal Data, we may need to involve any third-party entity. Since, the Services provided by us are limited to our technical expertise, we may need to integrate any third-party entity to our Website for sending out emails to you as a part of either the subscription Services or otherwise for providing various marketing related services.
    2. We use an industry standard third-party software called Mailchimp to collect data on our behalf and Mailchimp ensures to meet necessary data security standards to protection of the Personal Data. However, RadiumBlock cannot be held responsible for any data that is collected by Mailchimp and the data is used beyond the purpose of providing the Services as mentioned on RadiumBlock Website.
  5. User Rights for Collected Data

    As a User, you have the right to access and control the Personal Data shared with us. The User can have the following rights with them for any Personal Data shared with us:

    1. The User provides his/her consent to procure or collect data by us, which shall last either until the withdrawal of such consent by you or until the expiry of the minimum retention period when the relationship between us comes to an end. The User can refrain from consenting to the share their Personal Data with us. However, in case you refrain from sharing the Personal Data with us, the access to certain features of the Website may be limited.
    2. In case, the User has already consented to sharing Personal Data with us, the Website does have an option for removal of the User from the mailing list. Since we use a third-party software Mailchimp for integration and marketing purposes, if the User no longer intends to avail such newsletters or ongoing updates, the User can avail various options for either unsubscribing or stopping such Services.
  6. Data Security
    1. RadiumBlock uses an industry standard third-party software called Mailchimp to collect and process various Personal Data and information provided by the User. The third-party entity agrees and ensures to maintain the confidentiality and safeguarding of your Personal Data. Moreover, RadiumBlock cannot be held responsible for any data that is collected by Mailchimp (if any).
    2. In order to secure your Personal Data shared with us, third-party entity uses certain data security standards to secure the data from any breach by an outsider.
    3. When the Personal Data is stored on the internal servers of the third-party entity, the third party ensures the security and safeguard of the infrastructure through standard data security services.
    4. Irrespective of the data security standards mentioned above, no software or platform can guarantee 100% encryption or security of Personal Data and information. Therefore, we request you to take measures from your end as well in securing your Personal Data such as protecting your device from any viruses or bugs which can cause data breach. If in any circumstance, you suspect that your Personal Data or information has been breached or compromised, you can immediately inform us through the contact form within the “Contact Us” tab on the Website.
  7. Modification of Privacy Policy

    The Privacy policy for the Website is updated periodically and shall be subject to any changes in future. The Policy will become effective as soon as the same is posted on the Website. However, for User’s convenience, in case of any change to the Privacy Policy for the Website, the same shall be notified to the User via an official email by RadiumBlock.

Our RPC Logging Practices

Except for the data that is publicly accessible on the blockchain, RadiumBlock does not collect or keep any user information (like location, IP address, user agent etc.) transmitted via our RPC.

Information We Do Not Collect
  • User’s device or agent type
  • User’s IP address
  • User’s request origin
  • User’s request data
Information We Do Collect

    To ensure the quality of service across our gateways and network, we collect specific data solely for internal use. This data helps us swiftly address issues with nodes, supported blockchains, or user methods within our network. We strictly do not sell this information to third parties.

Logging Details for All Endpoints (Public & Private)

    For each relay request (e.g., API Request + Metadata), we collect:

  • GeoDNS region of the originating API Gateway
  • RadiumBlock blockchain application public key used for the relay
  • Node in the network that handled the relay
  • Blockchain to which the request was directed
  • HTTP response status code after request processing
  • Blockchain method invoked by the request
Additional Logging for Private Endpoints
  • For our private RPC endpoints, we employ identity and payment services to ensure secure and accurate usage metering. This allows us to link an endpoint to an app/account-owner, monitor relay usage for their dApp(s), and bill them accordingly.